A Distinguished

Polyurethane Consultant

Tom Harris is well known on three continents for his consultative approach to using PUR in high performance construction. He formed Tom Harris PUR Consulting to help construction professionals reduce risk, improve specification accuracy and build superior projects.

Tom is a recognized subject matter expert in the field of polyurethane foams, as well as a successful product integrator and marketer to the built environment; He can help craft and execute strategic plans focused on delivering a high-performance envelope assembly.

om Harris PUR Consulting


As company founder, I embrace the notion that all structures can be more energy efficient. That the decision process for all building materials should include consideration of life-cycle based environmental impact.

I can be an integral part of the construction process from contemplation, through design, specification, and installation of PUR products within the building envelope.


To reduce risk and speed the innovation process by providing insight and support to the various stakeholders within the construction process as we strive for a more resilient and effective building project.

om Harris PUR Consulting


  • Shared understanding of how our actions impact our living planet
  • A team approach to problem solving and that the consideration of all points of view will result in a more appropriate outcome
  • Actions create change
  • Awareness, Education, Training and Inspection are the cornerstones for the delivery of resilient construction