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Is Polyurethane Foam (PUR) challenging?

PUR has been specified and installed around the world for nearly a hundred years, but many construction professionals--designers, specifiers and installers--still consider it to be challenging to integrate into design, complicated to specify correctly and unpredictable during onsite installation.

If all that sounds familiar, why not get a second opinion on your next project? Tom Harris PUR Consulting will give you access to more than thirty years experience turning PUR challenges into successful construction solutions.

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Tom Harris PUR Consulting, LLC

“Tom is an Innovative thinker with high drive. He combines an expert’s technical ability with very good marketing and business skills.”

Dr. Tom Fishback

Senior Vice President,
Strategic Initiatives at ICP Adhesives and Sealants
Tom Harris PUR Consulting, LLC

“You won’t find a harder working more loyal player for any team. He’s an out-of-the-box thinker with a lot of passion and zeal to get things done.”

Jack Armstrong

Acumen Consulting, LLC
Tom Harris PUR Consulting, LLC

“He’s helped me understand how building science principles, honestly applied, can take new and retrofit construction to a higher level of sustainable performance. He has always asked the most difficult but highly relevant questions.”

Richard Willingham

EMS Marketing Communications Inc.
Tom Harris PUR Consulting, LLC

“He’s the go-to guy if there are any technical or market development issues.”

Moses Clark

Senior National Accounts Advisor,
Insulated Roofing Contractors
Tom Harris PUR Consulting, LLC

“He introduced spray foam technology to one of the largest players in North America and played a pivotal role in the growth of the weatherization industry, helping to make it the tremendous success it is today. His drive, work ethic and devotion to the subject are second to none.”

Robin Bricker

Channel Marketing Leader,
Fluke Corporation
Tom Harris PUR Consulting, LLC

“Tom has helped me countless times with his understanding of both technical and business issues. He is an extraordinary resource.”

Dr. Rick Duncan

Technical Director,
Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance
Tom Harris PUR Consulting, LLC

“Tom is dedicated, reliable and a strategic thinker who has a solid business background coupled with strong technical and analytical skills which make him a formidable force.”

Barry Emo

Vice President-Sales,
Wingenback, Inc
Tom Harris PUR Consulting, LLC

“Tom is simply extraordinary. He is passionate and relentless in the pursuit of the highest possible quality and intelligence of work – for himself and those around him.”

Stephanie Inglis

Marketing Strategist and Creative

Continuing Education

Polyurethane Continuing
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