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You want to grow your company and flatten the ups and downs of the economy.  You want to stay in the energy conservation game but you don’t want to spend a lot of capital to create a revenue stream.  Join the BEAT Team and learn about the building envelope and the role it plays in our energy independence and the need for envelope auditors.  Join the BEAT community, a national network of like-minded companies and building envelope auditors.  Learn the skills needed to audit and enjoy a valuable relationship with existing building owners and operators.  Keep your employees by earning valuable skills while generating revenue for the company – with minimal capital investment.

BEAT is a Nationwide team of independent Building Envelope auditors.  

As a Beat Auditor, you will create revenue by providing an auditing service

As a BEAT Team Member, your auditing staff will generate revenue from the audit service and opportunity for downstream contracting and building envelope maintenance    

As a BEAT Team Member, you have access to other team members and continuing education

As a BEAT Team Member you are connected to building owners who share the vision

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Why Audit and Why Now?

Buildings generate nearly 40% of annual global CO2 emission.  

Building operations are responsible for 28% annually.  

We need to reduce the operational CO2 contribution from our existing buildings.  

A good place to start is understanding the impacts and savings potential in our building envelopes. 


A simple Building Envelope Audit can determine where the opportunities exist, the investment needed to fix them, and the ROI in both financial terms and environmental impact.  

Many tenants in commercial and residential buildings currently lack real-time insight into energy use. 

In commercial and residential settings, energy costs may be monitored by only a few people or embedded in rental charges, reducing transparency and any incentive to reduce energy use.  The BEAT Team Audit will identify the potential dollar savings and show you with real-time energy consumption charts. 

Building Audits are the first step and they present an opportunity for growth if you or your company is already in the energy conservation game.  Become a member of the BEAT Team – join a community of trained, capable and dedicated auditors in the Commercial / Industrial / Institutional space.  

Lowering our impact starts with an audit.

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