Use the BEAT Calculator

ESCO or Weatherization Contractors already know what to look for in an envelope audit.

You need an accurate and reliable way to calculate the financial and environmental impact.  

BEAT has it, and now you have access to it.  

Join the BEAT Team as a team membership and enjoy all the benefits of membership and pay a small “per-use” fee for access to ALIC (Air Leakage Impact Calculator).  

We can customize the output report to fit your company branding and give your clients a way to directly monitor their energy consumption 24/7, all under your name.

Become a BEAT Member

The first step to using the BEAT Calculator is joining the team.  All team members pay the same price and enjoy the same membership benefits including;

  • Qualified Audit Request Leads
  • Auditor Training and Technical Support
  • Access to the Air Leakage Impact Calculator (ALIC)
  • Customized and Branded Audit Reports
  • Access to the BEAT network through a bulletin board
  • A secure Dashboard to track training progress
  • 24/7 Access to all training downloadable training materials
  • An Auditor Performance Line (posted or private)
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Articles and updates for further training
  • Sales and Marketing materials

Membership Costs

Yearly Membership Dues$600 / yr.Billed on your anniversary
Training ½ Day ALIC Orientation $150 / Auditor
Calculation and Report Writing$550 / BldgCan be Customized to your brand