Polyurethane products and technology can deliver improved margins for your business and a superior built environment for your clients. It begins with helping you and your team bridge the gap between awareness and utilization.

Training and Education is a cornerstone of success. From concept to construction, you need to be aware of product capabilities and the trips and traps of communicating your design intent to the installer. For the installer, you can receive SPF industry accreditation and certification training. Stakeholders can request learning opportunities specific to polyurethane foams contribution to carbon footprint reduction and embodied carbon.

Reduce the risk associated with “on-site” manufacturing by providing an experienced polyurethane foam inspector with the ability to communicate with PM’s, GC’s and installers, and one who can identify potential problems before they occur.

Incorporating polyurethane foam insulation into your strategic plan will require input from those most familiar with the product, application equipment and new product development approaches like stage-gate. Whether you're changing away from conventional insulation in modular housing, pre-insulated concrete panels or site-built residential, anything that could impact your profitability needs to be identified and addressed. You’re no longer alone.

More fundamental than training, education and awareness are the thought starters to trainings “how to”. Without awareness to products or applications or problems that need solving, there is no need for education.  Conversation leads to action and actions create change.  Change is slow coming if the conversations continue to focus on conventional materials and wisdom.  Education and awareness to new concepts and products, broadens the conversation, leads to innovation and results in positive change. 

Why do I need a Consultant?

PUR (Polyurethane) and its application are complex and you don’t have the time to devote to become an expert.  There are those who have.  Polyurethane foam insulation serves many purposes and provides several benefits which are not immediately obvious.  After 40 years of working with this molecule, I can provide direction and input into all aspects of the supply chain from raw materials to finished product and identify the key drivers along the way.

Including me on your team will bring a fresh set of eyes and experience to your process.

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Why Choose Spray Foam?

Spray foam is one of the best insulating and protecting materials available. It protects a building from radon and other harmful gases. It also protects your home from the effects of vapor. Spray foams are being used in the oil and gas industry as well to prevent erosion of pipelines. Instead of using sandbags, spray foam is used to protect the pipelines.