Are construction materials limiting your creativity?

Design freedom, resilience, sustainability, affordability, comfort and operating cost are just a few of your considerations when delivering a client’s vision. Material choice, assemblies and buildability all impact your ability to effectively accomplish the goal.

Never has Mies van der Rohe’s statement “Less is more.” been more true. Yet we continue to add performance requirements and environmental considerations, theory and science, Codes and limitations in the hope for a better building. We are working our way towards more restrictions and less capability as we introduce different and unique materials to perform discrete functions.

The decision about which insulation or combination of insulation systems to include in the envelope can either detract from your vision or provide you more freedom. Thermal control layers, air barriers, vapor control layers, rain screens, permeable, semi-permeable, semi-non permeable boundary layers, cladding, and thermal continuity are provided in different materials--each with specific and sometimes incompatible attachment requirements.

What if one material could provide the majority of answers? What if that material were fully adhered, monolithic, durable, and compatible with all other building material...If less is truly more, let's talk about polyurethane spray foam--properly integrated into your design.

Spray applied polyurethanes (PUR) can enhance your creativity and help you create a structure far beyond Code. Let's talk.