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Does the typical institutional building provide best-in-class energy efficiency, occupant comfort and ease of maintenance?

Let’s talk about how polyurethane foam can contribute to an energy efficient envelope, safe and comfortable interior space or provide an easily maintained roof.

Lots of people, indoor pools, sound separations, engaging design elements, high operating costs and numerous other design considerations, the Institutional sector is a challenging space. Whether new construction or retrofit, polyurethane spray foam insulation can make a valuable contribution. In retrofit applications, applying SPF directly to the old roof assembly saves time, money and the environment (no tear-off / no need for landfill). It’s highly durable and easily maintained by the on-site maintenance staff.

In new construction, air infiltration, insulation, vapor control and rain screen are all provided in a single product keeping wall assemblies thin (adding more interior space) and speeding construction times. Room-to-room sound attenuation can be provided by installing open cell spray foam within the interior wall assembly.

Radon and other harmful soil gasses can be controlled by spraying closed cell foam directly onto the prepared soil. The concrete slab is then poured directly on top of the foam insulation providing a continuous, fully sealed, tested and proven radon barrier and fully insulated floor slab.

Let’s talk about your institutional project and how we can use spray foam to provide the best indoor environment possible.