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Do your specifications clearly deliver the design intent?

Let’s talk about how spray applied polyurethanes (PUR) can reduce confusion, simplify details and reduce change orders to deliver the building envelope performance your general contractors demand.

Performance specifications are an excellent approach to identifying the design intent. I’ve seen hundreds of specifications attempting to include spray applied polyurethane foam either as “spray foam on the wall” or as the intended “air barrier system”. Unfortunately, they end up generating addendum after addendum simply because the specification is not clear, the performance requirements are contradictory, or the requirements of the installer/contractor are not clearly defined.

Missing these crucial considerations adds risk to your project, impacts construction scheduling and aggravates the general contractor.

I can help you craft a specification that incorporates the latest product technology and limits the sub-contractor bids to only those installers who are trained and capable of delivering your design intent. Let’s talk.