Building Owners

The first step to decarbonization and energy conservation is knowing the energy performance of your Building Envelope.

Invite the BEAT TEAM of trained and authorized auditors to conduct a simple Building Envelope Audit to identify the financial ROI and Environmental Impact of inexpensive corrective actions.

Building Envelope Audits are conducted by trained, authorized BEAT Auditors.  The audit takes a few hours and the report is in your hands in a few days.

The report will identify the corrective actions needed to address uncontrolled air leakage – money leaking out of your building and the root cause of occupant discomfort.  ROI is expressed in two currencies - $$$ an accurate estimate of the initial investment required to eliminate the leaks and  payback period – the point in time when the investment is recouped and Environmental Impact – the CO2 emissions eliminated by eliminating the uncontrolled air leaks.

The report also includes construction documents (specifications) related to each corrective action

Contractor Performance Lines  for each authorized BEAT Contractor is posted on the BEAT Website - a real-time customer satisfaction rating of BEAT contractor members.