PODCAST: Off-Site Construction – New Opportunities

W&C is joined again by Tom Harris, of Tom Harris PUR Consulting, for this latest installment of If Walls Could Talk. This podcast theme is on Off-Site Construction. Harris explains on how modular construction has really started to make waves in North America. In Europe, modular design and construction have been an accepted construction technique for over 50 years and it’s truly a market leader in many countries. In North America, there’s a stigma attached to modular that the designs are “cookie-cutter boxes” staked on top each other with limited curb appeal. They may be good for temporary housing or relocatable trailers, but not for the mainstream. As a result, modular took its place in smaller, retirement communities, low cost housing and trailer parks. That’s all changed now, Harris says. The concept of a pre-manufactured building assembly—a component of a design—has opened up modular thinking to off-site. Complex designs, with architectural features, are now pre-fabricated under controlled conditions and shipped to the job site for placement. These building components are complete wall assemblies, complete roof assemblies, and foundations with all the architectural features of site built, but without the impact of weather, trades and having to construct them piece-by-piece on site

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Tom Harris

Tom Harris has over 40 years of experience in the Polyurethane Foam industry holding several positions from Chemist and Product Development to Marketing and Business Management. Tom’s most recent post before becoming an independent consultant, was Vice President of Building Science for Demilec, now Huntsman Corporation. He has developed product and installation standards for the Canadian and U.S. Industry, and is a founding member of the Air Barrier Association of America and the Net Zero Energy Coalition.



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